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  • Proxy IPs
    Proxy fraud is an easy way for users to hide their identity and make it appear they are from somewhere else than their true location. They can easily access open proxies by purchasing a VPN connection or getting them from websites/blogs that offer a fresh proxy list (these sites typically update their lists daily thus making it easy for a user to use a fresh and new proxy).

    Custom algorithms and technology return a score for each IP that is looked up. Scores range from 0-5 with 5 being the highest an IP can receive for being a proxy IP (0 = no risk, 5 = very bad / high risk). Click here to learn more about how our scoring system works.

    Our database is updated with new data on a daily basis to always help protect you.
  • Telephone Verification
    Telephone verification has emerged as the new way to check/confirm your clients validity. The client will supply their telephone number and call or SMS text will be sent to their phone number. The client will be given a PIN number in which they need to enter on your website. If the PIN number matches the PIN number sent then they are correctly validated.
  • Telephone Lookup
    This service will allow you to lookup detailed information on a telephone number. The service will allow you to validate the type of phone (mobile, VoIP, landline and more) and where the telephone is located down to the city and zip code.
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